Project Details

  • Timeline: June 12, 2017 - July 21, 2017 (part time/online). 

Tidbit Overview

  • This was an individual project I completed for Prime Digital Academy's pre-work. 
  • After conducting user research, I designed a mobile app that helps users search for a restaurant  and book a reservation. 


  • Directed storytelling
  • Annotated wireframes using Adobe Illustrator 
  • Screen flows using Adobe Illustrator
  • Interactive prototype using  Axure
  • Usability testing
  • Usability report


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The Problem

Many people have experienced the hassle of trying to find and make a reservation at a restaurant. Dietary restrictions and personal preferences make it difficult for people to find a place that will meet all the guests’ needs. This is because the tasks of browsing, finding specific details, and subsequently making a reservation at a restaurant is not always intuitive or streamlined with existing websites and applications.

The Solution

I created a mobile restaurant reservation app to address the problem space. Different features of the app accommodated user needs at different points in their journey, which allowed for a more personalized experience. The design also focused on creating a simple interface that revealed specific details only when necessary. Ultimately, the app prioritized features that were revealed to be most important per user interviews: menu options, photos, and customer reviews.


The Process



  • Design a mobile app for finding restaurants and booking a reservation. 
  • Produce wireframes and screen flows based on user interviews and research. 
  • Per user testing, write a findings report and create a final clickable prototype. 

Understanding the Problem Space

When was the last time you made a meal reservation? How did it go? Did you like the restaurant you chose? These little experiences are minuscule parts of our lives, but they add up.  For this project, the challenge was to get answers to these questions and create an mobile application that accommodated many different types of users.



Directed Storytelling

I conducted directed storytelling with several people. Through these interviews, I found that my users typically prioritize customer ratings and available dietary options (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.) when choosing a restaurant. The other important feature was to make the menu immediately viewable and create a straight forward online reservation process. Based on these findings, I drew up some sketches and digitized wireframes using Illustrator.

Annotated Wireframes

Based on the findings from the directed story telling I drew up some sketches and digitized wireframes using illustrator. [1]


Screen Flows


Next, we learned the importance of screen flows and how they can help us determine what is missing. Again, I used Illustrator to create a screen flow from my wireframes. [2] 



We were introduced to a software called Axure which helped me create an interactive prototype. The goal of this prototype was to keep everything clean and simple and hide any clutter. [3]


Usability Test and Report

Usability Test and ReportThe next step was to conduct a usability test. I evaluated several participants while they used the prototype and gathered my findings in a brief usability report. There were many issues, but the top three issues were discussed in detail. It was clear that the "sort" button would need to be completely redesigned, and too much valuable space was take up by images. [4]



Finally, I updated the prototype according to the findings from my usability report. The main goal was to devise an easier way for users to sort their search findings. [5]


Next Steps and Conclusion

In future iterations, the goal is to reduce the image sizes in the home page and add the ability to sort everything from the home page.


Documentation & deliverables


[1] ^ annotated wireframes [open pdf]

[2] ^ screen flow [open pdf] 

[3] ^ prototype version 1 [open Axure link] 

[4] ^ usability report [open pdf] 

[5] ^ prototype version 2 [open Axure link]